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The Cast

Aug. 19th, 2005 | 12:04 pm
posted by: pinkshirtboy in biodecam

Hi. I'm Jed. I was nicknamed pinkshirtboy because the first day of Biodecam, I was wearing a pink shirt. Normally I prefer grey or blue, although today it's orange. Green is very rare.

Background Boy, whose real name i'm forbidden to disclose, is the one in the background wearing the bad jumpers.

Hotboy, or my brother Luke, is the one with the guitar. He's in a band called Boy Meets Ground, and they're recording some tracks at the moment, which we'll be posting when they're ready, as the official Biodecam Soundtrack. He's Hotboy because... well, y'all called him that. heh.

Less in the Background but sitting behind rob is Boris - our tall, friendly and brilliant serbian visual designer. We all love him, and you do too.

Then there are the mysterious ones... The 'intruder', who appears every now and then, and sometimes sits at rob's desk. There's the Grey Wizard, aka the boss, who is probably the most awesome boss in the whole world (and no i didn't get paid to say that ;-)

There's also a blonde girl with glasses, and at least one cute brunette.

Oh and finally, there may or may not be an inter-office romance going on... But i'll leave that for you to ponder.

Love to all, and to any newbies, welcome to the most addictive thing since crack ;-)

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No Dying because Rob Zombie is Dead

Aug. 16th, 2005 | 06:17 pm
posted by: pinkshirtboy in biodecam

So basically rob's hands have gone yellow and clammy, and he's cold, and hungry. He's also moaning a lot. This has earned him the title 'Rob Zombie' and also convinced us to put the hair dying off until another night, as we're not sure if hair dye makes zombies mutate into skeletons or what. I mean anything could happen. Not to mention the mess it would make if he started eating me while i was dying his hair (without pants).

Enough said.

Don't worry, it'll go ahead, just not tonight.

*a faint moan from across the office... "brains....."*

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Character Developments

Aug. 16th, 2005 | 12:43 pm
posted by: pinkshirtboy in biodecam

There may or may not have just been further revelations as to the secret identity of the cute girl spotted around the office. Was anybody watching?


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What the heck?

Aug. 16th, 2005 | 12:21 pm
music: Phil Collins - Sussudio
posted by: kristovitch in biodecam

Why's it so quiet today, I'm dying of boredom and nothing's posted!

Hell Rob you aren't even at your desk, stop being sick and start working ya slacker!

I think I'm going to have to go buy a Kinder Suprise(tm) to put some excitement into my day.

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The Great Hair Dying of August 2005

Aug. 15th, 2005 | 01:09 pm
posted by: pinkshirtboy in biodecam

So, Red Wins! Fireengine Rob it is.

The colouring will be filmed live at our pad tomorrow evening (as there is nowhere for rob to rinse at the office) and will be both filmed and posted live from there. It's a biodecam excursion! Yay.

On that note, hmmmm biodecam excursions... We could rig the 'cam to a notebook... any location requests?

We'll see you all tomorrow night for the dying. until then! (or my next appearance on the cam)

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